Mmm . . . Turkey . . . and free books!

November 25, 2009

So a year ago . . . October 22, 2008 to be exact, Eric and I crossed the last ‘t’ and dotted the last ‘i’ of One Too Many Blows To The Head and began sending it out into the world to make friends and maybe find a home.

Publishers tended to shy away from such an unusual collaboration– a book written in two first person narratives by two people who have never met? Would it work? Would people read it?

I’m thankful and proud to say that Second Wind took a chance on us. And One Too Many Blows To The Head isn’t the only book being sent out into the world right now. We are honored to share the spotlight with JJ Dare and Pat Bertram.

JJ Dare is the author of False World, the second title of the Joe Daniels trilogy. Dare is sponsoring a contest for a book giveaway. Scare her real bad in fifty words or less and you could win a free book.

Pat Bertram’s new release is Daughter Am I, a story about a girl, her inheritance, and the danger she finds herself in when she starts poking around in the past.  Bertram is sponsoring a treasure hunt on her blog. The prize: the one and only proof copy of Daughter Am I.

Eric Beetner, soon to be proud father of not one, but two beautiful daughters, is also hosting a contest. Prizes: newest thrillers from Second Wind.  Answer a question based on the central theme of each book, wow him, and you win.

And since I love a good contest and a great story, I want you to try to wow me as well. Give me a story about a flawed character, any flawed character who is in need of a second chance or a “do over”. Click here for full information.

Rules for my contest are:

  1. 500 words or less (I already said that but I’m saying it again)
  2. Prose should be lighthearted and humorous. It’s the holiday season and I don’t want to get all suicidal.
  3. Material needs to be original (That goes without saying, of course.)
  4. Deadline is December 15.
  5. Send story to

First Place gets a signed copy of One Too Many Blows To The Head and a signed copy of The Deputy’s Widow. Second Place gets a signed copy of One To Many Blows To The Head.

Both winners will have their material posted on my blog, “Toeing and Typing the Line.”

But wait, there’s more! I love meeting writers. I love hearing about other writer’s methods for work. Winners will be presented with a guest appearance on my blog to give us the lowdown about writing habits, methods of success, opinions on writing, aspirations, etc.

So do you think you’ve got what it takes? Huh? Do ya? Do ya?

That’s all I’ve got. I’m heading back to my bowl of Chex Mix and dreaming of pie. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving folks!



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