Thanks kids, Mom loves you.

September 9, 2009

School started yesterday, which means that summer is officially over. As I think about the last three months at home with the kids I can’t help but reflect on what I’ve learned. It is funny how children, if given the chance, can be our best teachers. And they teach not only with their words; they also teach by example.

This summer I’ve learned the following:

  • I should never drink while lying down.
  • I should always run with my eyes open.
  • I should never walk barefoot through a field of clover when it is in bloom no matter who dares me to do it.
  • Even peanut butter can mold if given enough time, the right conditions, and a great hiding place.
  • My definition of “noise” is entirely different from that of my kids.
  • I should never taste a slug.
  • I should never hit my sister when Mom is watching.
  • I should never hit my brother when Mom is watching.
  • I should never make a face at Mom when I think she’s not looking. She has eyes in the back of her head.
  • I should avoid trying to vocalize impromptu poetry involving words that rhyme with “duck,” “fit,” and/or “pass mole.”
  • Having a dog lick it does not make it clean.
  • I should never put a wet bathing suit back in my drawer.
  • I should probably pick up the dog poop before trying to run it over with the lawn mower.
  • I should heed the expiration dates on milk cartons and bread packaging. They are there for a reason.
  • Shoving an entire ice cream cone in my mouth for the amusement of others hurts no one but me.

So with this new knowledge, I feel ready to embark on a new year of writing and editing and living. Thanks kids. Mom loves you.


2 Responses to “Thanks kids, Mom loves you.”

  1. uninvoked Says:

    Peanut butter mo–? I don’t even want to know. It sounds like you’ve had a fun summer. Thank goodness for school eh?

    • jbkohl Says:

      HA! Yeah, kids can be pretty creative. I was a kid once, you’d think I’d anticipate what sort of trouble they can get in! But they are much more creative than I ever was.

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